The Manna Trail



Here's what people are saying about The Manna Trail:

I need to preface this with the statement that I tend to be overly critical when judging books.  Unfortunately The Manna Trail started out well and proceeded to keep my interest throughout the book.  This caused a few problems as I had trouble putting it down to sleep and work....  I enjoyed this book tremendously.  S.M., Salinas, California, USA

Just finished reading The Manna Trail.  Loved it, loved every page.  I'm not usually a sci-fi reader - don't know why, I love sci-fi films - but I was impressed with your vision of the future - enjoyed reading about, then thinking about, the "gadgets".  Some great ideas.  I hope you write more and if so, I look forward to reading it.  All the best to you.  S.L., geography unknown

This is really an interesting and well-written book that is well worth purchasing.  Dr. P.H., Professor of Economics, Miami, Florida, USA